Shark Sonic Duo Review

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550)

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Keeping your floors clean with kids and pets can be difficult. Hiring professional cleaners or renting a cleaner like a Rug Doctor is expensive and time consuming. When I saw a commercial for the Shark Sonic Duo I knew I had to try it.

The first thing I did was check out all the Shark Sonic Duo reviews I could find online. I was impressed with how compact it was and that you can use it on hard flooring and carpet. Also, the reusable pads appealed to me because buying packages of new ones constantly would be pricey. A dozen positive Sonic Duo reviews later, I ordered one.

The Everyday Alternative

I have a steam cleaner for my carpets. With messy kids and a senior dog who doesn’t always make it outside to do his business, they are pretty disgusting sometimes. The problem with the steam cleaner is that it is only for carpet and heavy and awkward to use. It also leaves you with wet carpets for hours. The Sonic Duo from Shark seemed like the perfect solution to keeping all my floors, carpet, tile and hardwood, cleaner, especially in high traffic areas.

The first thing that impressed me with the Sonic Duo was how light it was. It has a swivel head to make it easy to glide around furniture and a 25-foot long cord so you can clean a large area without constantly having to move the cord to a new outlet.

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Color Me Easy

What did not thrill me when I was unpacking the Shark Sonic was the amount of STUFF that came with it. Carpet pads, polishing pads, cleaning solutions, a storage tray and numerous bottles. However, once I laid it all out I knew there is no reason to be intimidated by everything. I had the machine assembled in minutes and discovered Shark has a great color-coding system to make using the Sonic Duo easy.

  • Green pads for hardwood floors (including tile and linoleum)
  • Purple pads for carpets and rugs
  • Cleaning solution for each type of flooring (green cap or purple cap)
  • Mixing bottles for the cleaning solutions (color-coded caps)
  • Tray to store the unit, even with the pads on it

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) - Bottom View

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I was especially eager to try it on my kitchen floors around the food prep areas and in front of the sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard. Both of these areas are always pretty dirty and sticky.

Helpful users explained in several Sonic Duo reviews that sweeping up pet hair, dust bunnies and debris is necessary since the machine does not have any suction. I did this and then fired the Sonic Duo up.

The pads on the bottom vibrate back and forth rapidly to really scrub the floor harder than I could by hand. On a particularly bad stain you can hold it in place to get it out. I did the entire kitchen in less than 30 minutes and was appalled/thrilled with how much filth the Shark Sonic lifted away.

Another helpful tip from one Shark Sonic Duo review was to position the Shark floor scrubber pad with the grain to get into the hardwood crevices better. It’s good advice.

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Carpet Stains Out With The Old…sort of

Since I was in full cleaning mode after I finished the kitchen, I mixed up the carpet cleaning solution and tackled the living room carpet near the front door because it is always dingy there.  I had been warned in several of the Sonic Duo reviews that it would not entirely get rid of old stains, so I was not surprised when it did not get every dark spot out of the carpet there, but did a pretty darn good job. The small area I cleaned with the carpet scrubbing pad looked remarkably better.

The solution dried up on the carpet within the hour and I vacuumed, as suggested by reviewers, to remove the gunk the carpet scrubber had broken up in stains.

Shark Sonic Duo Review
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Sharks make good pets - we truly believe you'll learn to love this machine the more you come close to it. Without a doubt, a very sure yes-recommendation from us!

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Sharks Make Great Pets

Shark Sonic Duo Review

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Overall I am pretty thrilled with my Shark Sonic Duo. It helps me keep high traffic areas clean without dragging out the steam cleaner or scrubbing the kitchen or bathroom floors on my hands and knees. It really spiffed up the grout between the tiles in the kids’ bathroom and dissolved fossilized toothpaste that had been stuck to the floor for months.

The Shark Sonic Duo is not going to give you the results of a professional cleaning, but it will help you avoid needing them as often and keep high traffic areas cleaner. It gets rid of new stains completely.  For a household with mixed floor types, kids and/or pets I would recommend you try the Shark Duo.

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