Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional Review

There are an overwhelming number of models to choose from in vacuums. Thankfully almost all “modern” vacuums have done away with bags and are much more streamlined and lightweight than the old Hoovers from ten years ago. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional vacuum cleaner is one of the best mid-priced machines that offers a lot for a little.

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Getting Your Money’s Worth

If you do your homework and read the Shark Navigator Lift Away reviews you will find a lot of positive feedback about the suction power, ease of use and the large HEPA sealed canister. It sucks up and traps 99.9% of allergens and fine dust particles rather than release them back  into the air, according to the manufacturer.

The Shark Navigator Pro also gets high praise from users because it is very lightweight and can lie flat to vacuum under furniture and it has settings and attachments for carpets and hard floors.

You really get a lot for the money when you choose the Shark Navigator Professional. It’s a terrific upright vacuum with a very low-profile head that fits right up against baseboards, even under kitchen and bathroom cabinets. That eliminates the need to pre-sweep those areas before you vacuum.

You can turn the roller brush off from the handle instead of a lever down near the floor and the suction stays really strong. That cleans up dirt and hair  really well while the two microfiber pads it comes with give the floors an extra buff and polish.

The Best Part

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright - Detached

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Now let’s talk about the Lift Away part. This handy feature allows you to detach the canister of the Shark Navigator Professional vacuum cleaner making it easy to cart it up and down the stairs while you vacuum with the retractable hose that doubles as the handle. It’s also great for tight spaces and cleaning your car.

Other notable accessories that come with the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro that I find extremely useful are:

  • Pet Power Brush – this attachment works really well not only on hard floors or carpet, but completely cleans dog and cat hair off of furniture like the couch and even the car seats.
  • 8 Inch & 18 Inch Crevice Tools – I use the shorter one to get between car seats and couch cushions. The longer crevice tool is perfect for satisfyingly sucking up gobs of spider webs that seem to appear in the corners of the kitchen near the ceiling regularly.
  • Washable Filters – being able to wash the three filters saves money on buying replacements and helps you keep the vacuum clean. You only need to wash two of them every three months or so and the HEPA filter every couple of years!

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Easy Does It

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright - Hardwood Floor

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I am very happy with how easy the Shark Professional Lift Away vacuum is to use. It hardly weighs anything and the swivel steering technology allows you to maneuver around furniture and corners with ease.

The head of the vacuum is really slim and I like being able to lay it almost completely flat to vacuum under the beds where dust bunnies breed and then make their way to every corner of the house.

I can use the long crevice tool to vacuum the layers of dust that build up on the blinds and the ceiling fans too, without having to perch precariously on a ladder.

With the extra large canister I can vacuum my whole house at least three times before I have to empty it. That is super easy, too. The Shark Navigator Professional has two latches that you release with the canister positioned slightly down inside a trash can. Then you push a button and, woosh, it all falls into the garbage.

Wish List

If there was anything I wish I could add to the Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away it’s a retractable cord. That thing is 30 feet long, which is great because you don’t have to keep changing outlets to vacuum an entire room, but it’s an arduous process to re-wrap it up to store the machine.

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The Shark Lift-Away Professional has our best recommendation. It is attractive, it has some serious tricks up its sleeve and it does the job it's intended for, very well. We can't say the price tag is too heavy either. There is a reason why this is the #1 Best-selling Upright vacuum on Definite Yay from VacBuzz!

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Wrapping Up Our Review of the Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional

I have been recommending the Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner to my friends and family, especially those with kids and pets. The vacuum does a great job on pet hair on floors and furniture, plus it is lightweight and easy for the younger (read messiest) family members to use. Which is helpful if you have multiple two and four legged “babies.”

You really can’t beat the price for such a versatile vacuum with helpful attachments to clean the whole house, use on all types of flooring and keep clean with washable filters. You’ll definitely love the removable canister and the long crevice tool for keeping hard to reach places dust and cobweb free.