Dyson Does It Again: Dyson DC50 Animal Review

Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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I bought the very first model Dyson vacuum after seeing an advertisement about it claiming to have the latest and greatest in technology to pick up pet hair and never lose suction. At the time I had two corgi dogs who shed like crazy and two toddlers with a baby on the way. I lived with lots of square footage and most of it carpeted.

That first model Dyson did not disappoint and I used the heck out of it. Well, the corgi dogs are gone (rest in peace, pups) and the kids are older and slightly cleaner than when they were toddlers. With only one Jack Russell Terrier who sheds moderately and now living in an apartment with more hardwood and tile than carpet, I was thrilled when the Dyson DC50 Animal came out because it seemed perfect for our needs.

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As a long time fan of Dyson I want to thoroughly explain the what’s and why’s of Dyson’s newest “animal.”  My first impression of this upright vacuum was; it’s small and light. Is it sturdy?

I can say for sure the DC 50 is very sturdy, manufactured from the same kind of plastics used in crash helmets and police riot gear.Combined with the rigorous testing Dyson puts all their products through and a five year warranty on all parts and labor when you purchase it from an authorized dealer, you can feel confident you are getting a good vacuum.

The Dyson DC 50 Animal Is A Ball

Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Cleaning

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Ball technology is really what sets the Dyson DC 50 Animal vacuum apart and above all the other vacuums I have tried. What’s with the ball?

  • All the main working components of the DC 50 vacuum (including the motor) are contained inside the ball to keep them clean and protected.
  • The weight of the vacuum is center low, giving it more stability and making it easier to use, meaning it doesn’t tip over easily.
  • The ball makes the vacuum easy to glide around furniture and into corners without straining your back or wrist. The Dyson Ball DC 50 is so light and simple to maneuver my nine-year old can manage it!

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Technology Rocks

Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Side View

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The vacuum head of the Dyson DC 50 has a multi-floor feature allowing you to go from carpet to tile, to throw rug to hardwood flooring without having to turn a knob or lever to a different setting. It also eliminates that strip of no-vacuum land between the floorboards and the roller brush. You can get the head right up against the wall.

The roller brush is made up of really stiff bristles to dig into deep carpet and softer carbon fiber bristles to sweep up fine particles off hard flooring. This is a feature anyone with dusty kids and dogs with short fine hair will love. It sucks that stuff up and traps it in the HEPA sealed canister instead of scattering it all over the place like other vacuums. If you have allergies like we do, that’s an important feature.

Dyson always seems to have the best attachments and the DC 50 Dyson model has something called cyclone technology on the pet hair tool. Two brushes rotating in opposite directions in tandem with the cyclone sucking power pick up pet and human hair, but there’s no bar for it to get tangled around!

The stair tool is genius. It attaches to the end of the wand that you can pull out of the hose and vacuum the stairs completely, even the vertical carpet. It gets into the corners, too, where little clumps of lint, dog hair and kid debris collects.

Wish List

I really love the Dyson Ball DC 50 and it suits my household almost perfectly. I do have a wishlist for Dyson though, when it comes to the Animal DC 50. The hose is a little short and I can’t vacuum cobwebs out of the corners by the ceiling without putting the vacuum on a chair to reach them. If they would just add 12 more inches to the 8.5 foot cord, that would solve that problem.

Dyson DC50 Animal Review
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Do we recommend the DC50? Yes we do. Why? We love it! It's attractive, easy to store, does vacuuming beautifully, it's price is highly justified. Amazon users (people whom actually bought and used the vacuum) love this beast. What's not to like? Yay from VacBuzz!

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Wrapping Up The Dyson DC50

If you want a powerful but lightweight upright vacuum that will do great job on pet hair, food, dirt and debris then look to the Dyson DC Animal vacuum. The price is nice at under $400 for a high quality vacuum that is easy to use and a snap to clean (hello quick release canister and washable filters!). It will probably last far beyond the five year warranty like my last Dyson did and will keep all of your floors very clean.