The Dyson DC 40 Review You NEED To Read Before Buying

Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner ISpending $300 or more on a vacuum seemed ridiculous to me until my old Hoover upright finally died. I vacuumed the whole house with the Hoover then shut it off. When I went to use it again on some cereal spilled on the carpet, it refused to turn on.

I borrowed my neighbor’s Dyson, and it not only picked up the cereal but the canister was full, really full, of dust, hair, and other unidentifiable items and I had just vacuumed! I went online to compare the Dyson DC 40 Origin versus the Dyson DC 50 Animal (we have fish and a turtle, so no hairy pets!) and was pretty impressed with all the Dyson DC 40 reviews. I ordered the Dyson DC 40 Origin.

I present to you my Dyson DC 40 review…

Why Invest In A Dyson DC 40?

If you are like me with a houseful of kids you probably vacuum several times a week (or everyday) and don’t want to kill your wrist or back doing it. Dyson vacuum reviews of the DC 40 all said the machine is lightweight and easy to use. Believe it.

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I can glide the DC 40 Origin (newest model) around furniture, corners and right up against the wall and it has some serious suction. The best thing about this Dyson vacuum is the multi-floor feature that lets me go from carpet to tile without having to make any adjustments, because the vacuum does it automatically.

Rounding The Corner

Dyson DC40 Origin makes easy work of corners

Dyson DC40 Origin makes light work of corners

The ball seems to be the secret to its maneuverability. Dyson reviews of the DC 40 said that you can vacuum around corners without worrying about the machine tipping over and I found this to be really true. The weight centered low gives it more stability than most vacuums.

The amount of fine dust along with the food, bits of paper and hair it picks up is astounding.

My floors look and smell clean, which tells me it’s picking up stuff like mold and bacteria in the carpet as well.

What Comes With The DC 40?

Unlike my old Hoover, the Dyson DC 40 does not come with a dozen hard-to-use tools. Mine arrived with a:

  1. Combination Tool with a debris nozzle that converts to a brush for dusting
  2. Stair Tool which really gets in the corners of the stairs

Dyson DC40 AccessoriesYes, that’s it and I don’t need anything else. The whole machine is very compact and a space saver. The 15-foot cord is tucked neatly into the handle, which is also part of the hose where the attachments go.

My only complaint, and I read this in several of the Dyson vacuum reviews of the DC 40, is that the cord is really stiff and awkward to use.

Well, it is stiff but not impossible to work with and will probably loosen up over time.

This vacuum is pretty lightweight, but you don’t have to carry it up and down the stairs. With a 27 foot long cord you can pretty much vacuum every room without having to keep plugging it into a new electrical outlet. The extra long hose stored in the handle is long enough to vacuum all the way to the top of the stairs without me having to move the machine. That’s a pretty great feature.

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Is This The Right Vacuum Cleaner For You?

So who would I recommend the Dyson DC 40 Origin vacuum to? Just about everyone, really. It’s pretty lightweight but sturdy and has:

  • powerful suction
  • the ball to make vacuuming super easy
  • a large clear canister that can be emptied with one touch
  • washable filters (no bag)
  • a long hose for attachments and an extra long power cord
  • minimal tools, only what you need

If you have a pet then this may not be the best model for you and you should look into getting one of Dyson’s Animal models with a special pet hair attachment.

My recommendation for pet owners? The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

The Dyson DC 40 Review
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We like the Dyson DC40 for many reasons but one n particular: it makes everyday vacuuming a breeze. It's lightweight and easy to handle. It's attractive, it has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from any Dyson. It's certainly not a cheapy but in our opinion, well worth the investment. Amazon users love it. Yay from VacBuzz!

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Wrapping Up Our Dyson DC 40 Review

Like I said in the beginning, spending $300 or $400 on a vacuum seemed ridiculous until I read a review for Dyson DC 40. The way the user described how easy it was to use and how much really fine dust she found in the canister convinced me that this machine is well worth the money if you want really clean floors, a reduction of allergens in your home and something that will last for a long time.