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Cheap Dyson Vacuum CleanersDyson vacuums are the top-selling, best rated machines on the market. Their price tag reflects that and it’s the biggest reason people hesitate to invest in one. They are far above their closest competitors when it comes to pricing, for sure. The thing with a Dyson, though, is they are far and above the most superior vacuum cleaner on the market.

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Why Dyson?

Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry and set the standards that most all other vacuum manufacturers are following. Their patented bagless, cyclonic suction technology changed the way almost all vacuums are designed. Their “never lose suction” guarantee has been earning the company high praise and top dollar.

Dyson was the first vacuum to eliminate the disposable dust collection bags and replaced them with a clear dust canister. They were encouraged not to make the dust bin clear for fear of the dirt and debris being visible would be a turn-off to consumers. In fact, the opposite occurred. People loved being able to see what they were sucking up out of their carpets and it took the guess work out of knowing when to empty the vacuum out.

Dyson continued to roll out new innovative designs, building vacuum cleaners specifically for pet owners, and expanding their line from large upright canister vacuums to handheld vacs that come in a variety of sizes and colors.

The latest incarnation from Dyson was housing the motor and ducting inside a ball shaped enclosure that enables users to easily maneuver the machine around furniture without straining their arms or wrists. The cyclonic suction more efficiently captures the finest particles and spins them away from the filter ensuring they don’t get recirculated into the air.

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Prices for Dyson Vacuums on Sale

Finding a cheap Dyson vacuum is nearly impossible. That’s because they are not cheap machines. Dyson uses polypropylene reinforced with glass fibers and ABS polycarbonate (what police riot shields are made of) to offer lightweight plastic housing that can take a beating. They also offer a 5-year warranty and boast some of the best customer service on the planet, so their products don’t come cheap.

The cheapest Dyson vacuum cleaner is their small handheld DC34 model that comes in at around $150. When it comes to their top end upright canister vacs, the DC59 Motorhead or the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete are selling for  $549 and $649, respectively. That’s a lot of money to drop on a vacuum cleaner.

There are less expensive upright models to choose from that get very good reviews like the DC40 Origin, which retails for around $399. That’s about as low as they go brand-new though.

Discount Dyson Vacuums

If $400 to $600 dollars is not in your vacuum budget but you still want a one, there is a way to score Dyson vacuum deals by purchasing them used.

A refurbished Dyson vacuum will still be almost as expensive as some of its closest competitors’ new models (Shark, Orek or Hoover) but you are still getting a better quality vacuum cleaner that will be as powerful a couple of years old as it was new out of the box.

A word of warning, though: only purchase a used Dyson vacuum cleaner from an authorized dealer to ensure your new clean-machine was refurbished in a Dyson factory, had the worn parts replaced with the manufacturer’s parts and has been tested. There are vacuum repair shops that might offer cheap used Dyson vacuums with the claim that their service people have refurbished them, but that is no guarantee they have used the right parts and the six month warranty on parts and labor Dyson offers on its refurbished models will not be valid.

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Where To Buy Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

One of the places to find the cheapest Dyson vacuum cleaners is on Amazon. If you are ever going to find a discounted Dyson model that’s where it will be whether new or used. It’s unlikely you will find the newest model Dyson vacuums on sale or a used one, but older models from a year or two ago will be available .

The Animal models are the most expensive, but boast serious suction power, easy to dump dust bins, and are monstrously effective at getting up every last little cat or dog hair off the floor or furniture. The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete, which normally retails for $649, can be found used for around $399. You can get an even cheaper model like the DC40 Origin, which retails brand new for $399, as low as $169 on Amazon.

Usually there are very few indicators that the vacuum is used after it has been refurbished in a Dyson authorized factory. There might be a scratch or chip, maybe a small dent, but the vacuum will have been thoroughly cleaned and tested so you can be assured that it still has powerful suction. No one but you will know you got a discount Dyson vacuum used if you don’t mention it.

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The Dramatic Dyson Difference

There is a reason you rarely find Dyson vacuums on sale. People who have used them will usually never be satisfied with a cheaper, less powerful vacuum after they have experienced the Dyson difference. Vacuuming with a Dyson actually makes cleaning less of a chore and leaves you feeling good when you see all the dust, hair, food particles and dirt it sucks out of your carpet.

A Dyson, regardless of the model is just as effective on hard flooring. On the uprights and some of the handhelds the head automatically adjusts to the floor height and the ball technology allows you to get right up against the wall and effortlessly glide around sharp corners and furniture without leaving a dusty, stale, electricity smell behind like other vacuums often do (meaning they are venting fine dirt particles back into the air).

With no bags and washable, reusable filters you will save money over time not having to replace these things.

One last reason to invest in a used discount Dyson vacuum is the great customer service. Dyson wants to keep its loyal following and usually sends replacement parts or offers to repair your machine with no hesitation.

So do yourself a favor and switch to Dyson to keep your world clean while  feeling confident that a cheap Dyson vacuum deal on a refurbished model does not mean it is a cheap vacuum.

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