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Best Vacuums Of 2016

With the endless choices in vacuums to choose from these days, the process of finding the right one to fit your needs can be frustrating. Which model of vacuum cleaner is the best? What’s a HEPA filter? Should I get a corded-electric vacuum or one with a rechargeable battery?

Many vacuum manufactures like Shark and Dyson offer several models to choose from. We have included comparisons reviews like the Shark Navigator versus the Shark Rotator to show-off the best vacuum cleaner and to help you decide which model is right for you.


We narrowed the endless list of choices down to what we consider the very best vacuums based on consumer reviews, features and options, reputation and actual performance in battle, aka, a real household.

To that end, every vacuum you read about here has been on the market for awhile to establish its place in the industry. It is a best-selling model and we know that is for a reason; because it gets the job done.

The purpose of the reviews and the data collected here is to help you fine tune your search so that you are only reviewing the top brands that are suitable for most any household. These vacuums will last beyond a year and be able to tackle the tough job of keeping a real home clean, not just a testing site with “staged” messes.

Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away Vacuum (NV552)15.8" x 11.8" x 37.4"Upright$250 - $3004.4
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)15.4" x 11.6" x 27"Upright$150 - $2004.5
Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550)29.3" x 12.6" x 9.4"Upright$150 - $2003.9
Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner (also Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright)10.3" x 10.1" x 24.2"Upright$350 - $4003.9
Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner 8.8" x 10.8" x 36.2"Upright$150 - $2004.0
Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70931PC16.5" x 12.5" x 34.2"Upright$100 - $1504.0
Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner10.7" x 11.5" x 36.4"Upright$450 - $5004.4
Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac, PHV181011.1" x 6" x 7"Hand-held$50 - $1004.3
Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt18" x 6.9" x 6.8"Hand-held$50 - $1004.6
Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Corded Vacuum, 41A15" x 8" x 7"Hand-held$0 - $504.3
Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright (HV302)22.8" x 10" x 31.9"Upright$150 - $2004.4
Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum11.9" x 7.7" x 10.2"Hand-held$100 - $1504.3
Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum 29.1" x 10.7" x 6.1"Upright$400 - $4504.4

Buyer’s Checklist

Before you begin searching for your new vacuum go through this checklist to help you decide what model with what features will be best for your needs:

1. What is my budget?

We have reviewed a wide variety of vacuums in many different price ranges for you to consider.

2. Where and how often will I use my vacuum?

We include information about which particular models that are best suited for different types of households: mansion, small apartments, or even houseboats.

3. What kind of flooring do I have the most of: carpet, hard floors, mix of both? What is the best model to vacuum a lot of stairs?

Our reviews will inform you about which vacuum designs are best for the different types of flooring you have and for households with lots of stairs. Consider the Eureka Rapid Clean Step hand-held vacuum if you only have one set of stairs or just want something handy to clean one or two steps without lugging out a the bigger vacuum.

4. What features and tools will I use the most: pet brush and/or an extra long wand to reach the ceiling fan? The car detail kit or a hardwood floor polishing pad?

We list the features each model has and make recommendations based on these considerations. The Shark Sonic Duo has a color coded pad system for hard flooring and carpets. The Dyson DC50 Animal has a genius pet hair tool that makes cleaning up after fluffy a breeze.

5. Who will be using the vacuum the most? Just you and a spouse? Does anyone who will use it have physical limitations? Do you want a model light enough for the kids to be able to handle?

Maybe a handheld vacuum would be a good idea for the youngest family members. The Shark Rocket Ultra Light is lightweight enough for a kid to handle, but allows you to stand up to vacuum rather than crouch down like many handhelds. That’s probably best for seniors or anyone with back problems.

If your mother-in-law comes to visit with her three very hairy cats, the Black & Decker 20v Pivot Head handheld vac has a great rubberized pet hair brush to make short work of all the feline souvenirs they will leave behind on the furniture.

Deciding Between The Best Vacuum Cleaner

When considering these questions read through the reviews to see if the vacuum you are considering has a special attachment for hard flooring like the Shark Navigator. Can you turn off the roller brush easily to avoid scratching your hardwood floors?

If you have pets, then a vacuum with pet hair specific tools is probably best for you. The main tool to look for as a pet owner is a pet hair brush attachment. Another thing to consider is: can you easily access the roller brush to clean long hairs that might get wrapped around it?

If you have children and pets, then you will most likely be using your vacuum daily. If that’s the case then you will want one with a good warranty to tell you it will last through heavy use. It should have tools to get into narrow spaces and be lightweight and easy to maneuver around furniture (and children and pets!).

Do you have a lot of stairs to vacuum? If so, then you should consider a three-in-one model that allows you to remove the collection canister from the the wheeled base to lighten your load up and down your stairs.

Important to consider is will you be needing the vacuum cleaner for wet or dry or both applications?

Does anyone in your family suffer from any kind of allergies? There are special vacuum cleaners developed specifically with allergies in mind and reducing the amount of dust and mess vacuum cleaning produces.


You might come across some unfamiliar terms while you are looking for your next vacuum cleaner. The technology has come a long, way, baby!


This means no messy bag to remove and dispose of. It also eliminates the expense of purchasing new bags and then trying to guess when it’s full before you replace it.

All of the vacuums reviewed here are bagless, meaning dirt and debris are collected in a canister that you can easily see into and know when it needs to be emptied. All of the vacuums we recommend are simple to empty and clean, too.

HEPA Filter

You will see this term used a lot when shopping for a new vacuum, but what does it mean, exactly?

A HEPA filter is kind of mechanical air filter that works by forcing air through very fine layers of mesh to trap the smallest particles of dust, pet dander, pollen and dust mites, just to name a few. The letters stand for; high-efficiency particulate air.

Some vacuum manufacturer’s may claim to have a HEPA-like filter, but don’t be fooled. A true HEPA filter should trap a minimum of 99.7% of particles to .3 microns (they can’t be seen with the human eye). The filter should have the test results printed on its label with a serial number. If those two things are not on it, it not a true HEPA filter.

Anyone in the household who suffers from allergies will benefit from a vacuum, even a handheld with a washable HEPA filter, like the Black & Decker Pivot Head. All of the vacuums we recommend have washable filters to ensure you are always using clean ones and to save you money on replacing them frequently.

Most of the filters on the models we reviewed are designed to last a few years before they need to be replaced and you can easily do so by ordering them from the manufacturer.

Crevice Tool

This is an essential tool for every household in our opinion. This narrow hose attachment will allow you to reach into very tight spots to suck up dirt, hair, food and debris. It is especially useful to vacuum around car seats, in the dryer vent and along the edge of baseboards.

Some models of vacuums like the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro come with crevice tools in two different lengths; 18 and 8 inches long. If you want an easy way to thoroughly clean the tight spots in your boat, camper trailer or car these tools are a must with whichever type of vacuum you choose.


This means the amount of electrical current the motor uses. It is not an indicator of cleaning power. The amount of suction is what you want to be more concerned with. Most of the models we review are known to have powerful suction that does not diminish over time with use. That’s why we included a section on buying a refurbished Dyson that will save you money but still do a good job on your floors.

Ball Technology

This term applies specifically to Dyson brand vacuums and one of their innovative designs that houses the main components of the machine (ie, motor) in a way that protects them and makes the vacuum easy to maneuver. You will find more information about this in our review of one of the top Dyson vacuums on the market the Dyson DC40. Another Dyson praised for its ball technology is the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum.


This term refers to a type of design that allows you to remove the canister vacuum (dust collection bin) from the wheeled caddy to lighten your load to clean the stairs, for example. The three-in-one vacuum is: an upright, canister, and hand-held vacuum. We review the top models that offer this kind of versatility like the Shark Rotator 3.

Final Considerations

Our goal is to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect vacuum that fits:

  • Your budget
  • The flooring type(s) in your home
  • Offers the tools and features you will use the most

Some things you might not have considered is, where do I store the vacuum? Some models have all the tools and accessories stored on the machine itself or a docking station that holds the tools like the Black & Decker Platinum Lithium Ion Flex handheld vac. Other models require extra storage space for a separate tool caddy. Some hand-held vacuums have a wall mount while other do not, so consider where you will be keeping the vacuum if that is the case.

If you choose a rechargeable battery model consider the size of your home and on average how long it takes you to vacuum the entire house or even just one area. The reviews you find here will realistically tell you if you’ll be able to clean the whole area on one charge or if you’ll end up with half a mess still on the floor and a dead battery.

The Shark Rocket Ultra Light and the Dyson Handheld DC59 are powerful handheld vacs that you use like an upright and could potentially replace your traditional vacuum if you live in a small studio apartment of on a houseboat.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner for 2016

A vacuum is a necessity in every household regardless of the size and occupants. Don’t waste time and money on inferior models that will not do a thorough job or last a day past their limited warranties.

Use our site to find the top-selling vacuums with the features and tools you will use the most within your budget, a task made easy with our Best Vacuums of 2016 review.

The time saved looking for the right model and then vacuuming your space can be considerably less with our help. You can use the extra free time to enjoy yourself instead of doing an arduous household chore.

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